Brooke Vincent wants to stay in touch with her 'Dancing on Ice' co-stars after they formed "fond" memories together.

Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent

The 25-year-old actress might have missed out on the top spot alongside her partner Matej Silecky on the ITV competition, but she still wants to keep in contact with the professional skater, whom she dubbed as her "annoying little brother".

Speaking about her whirlwind three months to OK! Magazine, she said: "I've made a really good friend in Matej. I'm very much his big sister and he's like my annoying little brother. We've been on a massive journey together. I think we've got two different senses of humour, so I'd say things for the first two weeks and he'd be like: 'sorry, what?'"

And she will be keeping in touch with the rest of this year's famous skaters too, because of the "fond" memories they made whilst on the show.

She explained: "We're all going to stay in touch. It's mad that the 12 of us are from completely different walks of life and have different jobs and all did it. It's going to be one of the fondest memories."

Brooke's 'Dancing On Ice' training was a gruelling routine of early morning training sessions before heading to film a full day of work on 'Coronation Street' - where she plays Sophie Webster - and the brunette beauty is looking forward to having some much needed sleep now the show is over.

When asked what her plans for after the show were, she said: "I'll probably have a lie-in and a good old spring clean. I can't wait."

And despite making it to the final - where she finished in second place behind winner Jake Quickenden - Brooke is hanging up her skating boots to focus on her acting because she doesn't enjoy the sport unless she is being "praised" for her efforts, but did admit she will be returning to the rink for some Christmas festivities this year.

She said: "I'm a bit like a puppy; I need praise. If I did something really good and no one was there to say it looked good I'd be like: 'Fine, I'm going home now'. I'm taking the girls skating at Christmas though."

Although she wowed the public on the ice, Brooke won't be leaving the show which shot her to fame anytime soon because she loves the versatility and familiarity of her character.

She said: "I'm happy. Nobody else can say they got dumped in 'Corrie' on Monday and been in the final of 'Dancing On Ice' on Sunday and hopefully won. I love 'Corrie' It's definitely my home.

"I've put everything into this [Dancing On Ice] so I think it will be nice to just be Sophie Webster again for a while."

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