Brooke Vincent is going to "pretend she's dead" if she falls over on 'Dancing on Ice'.

Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent

The 'Coronation Street' actress is set to take to the rink in front of the nation this weekend for the first time and, although she's excited but nervous, she's already thought of some ways to cover up her blunders if she's to slip over on the ice.

Taking to her Instagram account, she wrote: "So here is is I've waited 9 long months to get me to this point I've sat and worried,I've analysed everything,I've pictured every situation I could possibly be in I've made up a couple of go to dance moves JUST IN CASE I mess up Ive thought about if I fall over I'm just going to lie there and play dead(so don't worry),I've over thought everything panicked,cried,got frustrated with my partner,fell over,not slept has countless amounts of bruises,wondered about the "ifs and buts" but never once thought of backing out or told myself don't do it.. I think that's because pretty much every single one of my family,friends,mums friends, work friends constantly tell me to go out&do the scary things,that it's good to be nervous,that they are right behind me, that they can't wait to watch me, that I better bloody win, every single person has gone out of their way to wish me "The Best Of luck"and that they will be watching and supporting me.. that means more to me and my family than anything.. (sic)"

The 25-year-old star - who is partnered with Matej Silecky for the show - then thanked fans for their support ahead of the launch and then asked them to vote for her using the five free votes on the app.

She explained: "so I just want to say before I start this crazy thing called Dancing On Ice .. Thank you to everyone around me for always encouraging me to better myself and to keep pushing myself.. and even if sometimes I actually think I can't do it.. thinking of everyone that's said I can keeps me going So thank you so so much to my family who constantly are behind me saying go and do can do my girls who are all trying to organise time out of their lives to get down to watch me,to my boyfriend who constantly pushes me and stands by me with anything I want to do,people who have asked about travelling to see me, everyone who's asked about training or taken an interest on how they can help me.. the lot just..thank you..i see people post things all the time to me to say good luck&they are supporting me&i just wanted to say,it means the world to me and I know this is sopy&sounds like I've just won an Oscar, so I'm sorry but I just wanted to say it really does mean a lot

Now.. if you download the Dancing on Ice Ap you get 5 free votes See you on the other side hopefully with a [trophy] in tow.. Happy New Year Everybody xx (sic)"

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