A venomous brown tree snake had to be removed from the 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' famous bridge last week after it wrapped itself around the wooden posts.

Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec

The creepy-crawly show's medic Bob McCarron had to capture the dangerous slithery reptile, which is considered to be the number one threat to the native wildlife, and move it to another location after it made itself at home on the set up Ant and Dec walk down every day when they host the programme live from the Australian outback.

Speaking to Scarlett Moffatt on 'Extra Camp' last night (22.11.17), Bob said: "We keep it quiet from the celebrities in camp but last week I removed a venomous brown tree snake actually climbing along the drawbridge where Ant and Dec walk every day."

And that's not the only dangerous reptile to make its way on to the site either as producers also found a small-eyed snake setting up home in the trials area.

Bob explained: "That's a very dangerous snake, and could actually be a killer."

Last week - before the show returned to screens - bosses had to sent experts in a venomous funnel web spider was found lurking in the area where the celebs sleep.

The celebrities - including Jamie Lomas, Jennie McAlpine and Rekebah Vardy - appear to be in high spirits at the moment but all that looks set to change over the coming days as they're expected to be "bitten to shreds" by mosquitoes.

Executive producer Oliver Nash said: "Celebs will get bitten to shreds as it's so humid. It's going to drive them nuts."

But it's not just mosquitoes that will wreak havoc for the stars as medic Bob is certain that he'll have to remove at least three ticks from their flesh.

Bob explained: "A minimum of three of them will have ticks. It will happen.

"They are my biggest problem. They are OK if you get them off within

12 hours but, any long, you get general malaise and headaches."