Helen George has hit back after trolls criticised her for being pregnant while filming 'Call the Midwife'.

Helen George has hit back at trolls

Helen George has hit back at trolls

The 37-year-old star welcomed her second child, Lark, into the world in November last year, but she has hit out at some of the "ridiculous comments" she has received online after she shot episodes of the BBC period drama while expecting.

Helen - who also has four-year-old Wren with her partner and co-star Jack Ashton - wrote on Twitter: "I’ve seen too many ridiculous comments about my pregnancy whilst filming

@CallTheMidwife1 ( also thank you for the lovely comments!) Women get pregnant, our bodies change. But we have the right to work if we choose to do so. How about just supporting it, and don’t question it? (sic)"

Helen's comments come after one social media user tweeted: "It's very unprofessional in my opinion, it's not as if it's filmed all year round. It's a short window.

"She should quit if she wants to get pregnant during filming. It ruins continuity and the aesthetics of the show."

Helen's former 'Call the Midwife' co-star Victoria Yeates (Sister Winifred) shot to her defence after the negative comments.

She tweeted: "Yes, we do have the right to work, as did I till 37 weeks! Are we supposed to just quit? Very bazaar. Times they are a changing. I’ve seen friends pregnant on stage and the play has totally accommodated that. Helen you are always absolutely gorgeous."

Helen - who portrays nurse Trixie Franklin in the programme - replied: "Love you xx"

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