Camilla Thurlow has admitted she's had sex with Jamie Jewitt on 'Love Island'.

Camilla Thurlow

Camilla Thurlow

The reality TV beauty confirmed the news to her pal Montana Brown in the dressing area, meaning Camilla and Jamie are now the fifth couple to have had sex on the current series of the show.

During their explicit conversation, Montana asked about the size of Jamie's manhood, and Camilla said: "No, I can confirm he doesn't have a small penis."

She subsequently added: "I can confirm he's perfect, and he also has a perfect penis."

Camilla's confession comes shortly after it was reported that 'Love Island' producers are having to cut footage of the show because the couples are having so much sex.

Although the ITV2 programme is designed for single lads and girls to pair up while in the villa, some couples are apparently having too much sex for the liking of the TV bosses.

A source previously explained: "Some couples can't stop having sex and are going at it almost every night.

"Producers are being ultra-careful not to let sex become the focus of the show so have refrained from airing saucy scenes."

A number of sex sessions have had to be cut from the broadcast, because they would otherwise consume far too much of the programme's air time.

A 'Love Island' insider said: "Countless sex sessions have been left on the cutting room floor over fears they could be seen to be sensationalising sex if it's on every night."