Captain Sir Tom Moore has joked he is hoping for some marriage proposals.

Captain Sir Tom Moore

Captain Sir Tom Moore

The 100-year-old war veteran - who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth last month after raising over £32 million for the NHS - admitted no one has popped the question so far in his heaps of fan mail.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, he quipped: "We haven't opened all the letters yet.

"But I haven't had any marriage proposals - or not yet, anyway!"

Captain Tom - who received 180,000 cards for his birthday in April and another 200,000 letters - married his late wife Pamela when he was 50, and the loved-up pair retired to the Costa del Sol.

They later returned to the UK so she could receive care after being diagnosed with a degenerative brain disorder.

He visited her every day and continued to feed her meals until her death in 2006.

Although Captain Tom would have liked to tie the knot earlier in his life, he admitted it was best to "wait" for the "right person".

He added: "I don't know why I left it so late to be married. You have to wait until you find the right person, and we had two beautiful daughters.

"Pamela was a very pretty girl and charming and kind to everyone. I loved her and really looked after her for the rest of her life."

Captain Tom has opened up about his late wife in the past, and once revealed she looked "like a model".

He also added: "Pamela loved nothing more than a trip to Marks & Spencer. That was her dream day out, so we did that a lot."

The veteran was knighted during a special ceremony at Windsor Castle in July, and Captain Tom later revealed he relished his encounter with the queen, describing the royal as a "delightful person".

He shared: "I've never ever had such a time in all my life as to be there speaking to the Queen, who's such a delightful person. She was absolutely marvellous.

"When she tapped me on the shoulder with her sword, which had been her father's, she did it so gently. She was the kindest person you could ever wish to meet."

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