Captain Sir Tom Moore wanted to go home from hospital to have steak and chips.

Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore

The former military officer - who raised millions for charity amid the coronavirus pandemic - passed away at the age of 100 earlier this month after testing positive for COVID-19, after he was rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties. 

However, he was determined to leave his hospital bed and return home for a delicious meal, and get back outside in his garden.

His daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, told 'BBC Breakfast': “I said to him in the last few days, ‘So, what do you want to eat when you come home?' and we decided it was steak and chips.

"He was really excited about coming out for steak and chips and getting his frame back outside and his walker. The last real conversation was positive and about carrying on, and that’s a lovely place to be.”

Captain Tom was taken to Bedford Hospital last month (31.01.21) after he experienced breathing difficulties.

The Army veteran - who helped to raise money for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden amid the pandemic - tested positive for coronavirus in January and was treated for pneumonia.

Before his death, the family were treated to a holiday to the Caribbean, where Tom was able to relax on the beach and dig into a fish meal.

Hannah recalled: “He sat in 29 degrees outside, he read two novels, he read the newspapers every day, and we sat and we talked as a family, we went to restaurants (because we could there) and he ate fish on the beach and what a wonderful thing to do. I think we were all so pleased we managed to give him that.”

What's more, Hannah believes Queen Elizabeth - who knighted Tom in July - grieved for the late centenarian as it was another "soul" from her generation.

She added: "I think she felt genuine loss. We had a lovely letter from her and I think that she feels genuine loss. It's another one of her generation, isn't it."

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