Casey Batchelor hasn't enjoyed her pregnancy.

Casey Batchelor

Casey Batchelor

The 33-year-old reality TV star is less than two months away from meeting her little bundle of joy and she has admitted she can't wait because she's really struggled with sickness, migraines, weight gain and sciatica while carrying her baby.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Friday (06.04.18), she said: "I've got seven weeks to go so not long now. It's been quite a tough pregnancy, it's not been that enjoyable. I've had kind of all the symptoms - everything you can have I've had a little bit of. I've had morning sickness but not so much sickness - only a couple of times - but the nausea is constant. I was sick on New Year's Eve but I thought that's tradition anyway so that doesn't matter. I've had migraines, sciatica - I do a lot of yoga so that has helped massively. I haven't had any cravings but hairspray makes me heave! Dane [Goodson, her partner] will literally go completely into another room to use his hairspray. He's terrible - he uses the hairdryer and then the wax. Step one, step two."

Casey has made no secret of the fact she has a big bump but she has admitted she found it really frustrating when people kept asking her if she was carrying twins.

She explained: "I'm getting that all the time: 'Are you carrying twins?' NO! 'Are you sure?' Erm, yeah I'm pretty sure!"

But it's not just her bump that grown as her boobs have jumped up to a huge H-cup.

She said recently: "My boobs are bigger now than before the breast reduction.

"[They are a] G/H depending on the make of bra. I was a G before and had them reduced to an E. They grew a bit to an F, and now they're an H. They'll probably go up to a J or something. My frame is quite small and when I've got big boobs it makes me look much bigger. I look like a rugby player!"