Casey Batchelor is pregnant with her first child.

Casey Batchelor

Casey Batchelor

The 33-year-old reality TV star is said to have considered freezing her eggs but she is now expecting with boyfriend Dane Goodson, 32, who she has been dating for the last 18 months.

A source close to the star said: "It's been a long time coming for Casey who's had such bad luck with guys she was considering freezing her eggs because she thought her happy ending would never happen."

Casey revealed last month she had been in a secret relationship for the past year and a half, and she and Dane are both said to be "overjoyed" about the prospect of becoming a mother and father.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: "But it really was love at first sight for her and Dane and a year and a half on they are overjoyed about becoming parents.

"She really believes she's finally found her prince and loves he's someone completely separate from the industry."

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star admitted she'd found love with a mystery businessman over a year ago but didn't reveal Dane's identity because she "likes to keep things private".

Speaking last month, Casey - who has dated singer Lee Ryan and footballer Jermaine Defoe - said: "We've been together for a while now. I kept quiet about it because he doesn't want to be in the spotlight and likes us to keep things private.

"But it's been 18 months now and we're serious.

"I'm a bit nervous about everyone finding out because I've always been known as the single girl.

"I feel like I might be devastating the dreams of quite a few men!"

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