Casualty's Connie Beauchamp and Jacob Masters may get back together.

Charles Venn

Charles Venn

Fans were left devastated last year when the couple split up for the third time after the consultant - played by Amanda Mealing - put in a complaint about Elle Gardner (Jaye Griffiths), the mother of Jacob's son Blake, but it looks like their love affair is far from over as Charles Venn, who plays the hunk, has teased a reunion.

Speaking to the, he said when pressed on the possibility of a reunion: "There is always a possibility, always a possibility. I fully embrace it and I look forward to that potentially happening! We're going to find out."

However, it's highly unlikely that it'll be happening this side of Christmas as Charles is currently taking part in 'Strictly Come Dancing', which means his scenes on the medical drama have been reduced to ensure he has enough time to rehearse.

And, although he's only been doing the ballroom and latin show for the past few weeks, he's already noticed his waist shrinking because his professional partner Karen Clifton has been putting him through his paces.

The 45-year-old actor said recently: "This is my first time being asked to do the show, and I jumped at it. I'm hoping to master a few dance skills, and hopefully get as far as I can. I've seen Karen [Clifton] do her thing on the dancefloor and know she's going to whip me into shape. I've already started dropping weight and seeing muscle definition I haven't seen in years."