Dan Osborne has admitted 'Celebrity Big Brother' saved his marriage.

Dan Osborne

Dan Osborne

The 27-year-old reality star came third in Monday night's finale (10.09.18) and has revealed that his stint on the show made him realise what a "beautiful woman and great mum" Jacqueline Jossa, 25, is.

The pair - who share daughters Ella, three, and two-month-old Mia - married in 2017 but separated in May this year, but now the star has time to reflect on his faults, and he wants to move forward with their relationship.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Dan said: "It made me realise I was lucky and that she was a good girl.

"She's a beautiful woman, great mum and I think it made me really have time to reflect on that. It made me appreciate her.

"My time in 'Big Brother' made me realise the things that I was doing wrong and how I was not helping my situation or my marriage.

"It's made me realise my faults, no one is perfect. I am not going to say it's made me a perfect person, but it definitely made me appreciate what I have.

"The show strips you back to nothing and you realise how lucky you are and how lucky I am to have my wife. It made me realise she ain't as bad I was thinking ... when she was moaning I was going out, and I was going out because she was moaning. It was like a vicious circle."

Dan now wants to move forward with his family and is planning to take them on a holiday to Disneyland Paris, and on a luxurious beach vacation.