'Celebrity Juice' had to cancel filming this week after a studio blackout.

Keith Lemon

Keith Lemon

The team were hard at work on Thursday (06.09.18) when a power cut meant they had to put a halt to recording the popular ITV comedy panel show hosted by outrageous star Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis).

Both Leigh and co-star Holly Willoughby took to social media to reveal the drama as it unfolded, with the 'This Morning' presenter admitting she thought the lights were deliberately turned off because of the heat in the studio.

Speaking on Instagram, she said: "We were filming the show and suddenly everything went to black, and I thought it was just - it was getting a bit hot in the studio so [someone turned] the studio lights off. But that's not the case at all."

Meanwhile, Leigh - whose outspoken comic creation Keith hosts the programme - revealed they had got through a bulk of the filming, but hadn't had time to shoot any games with the guests.

In his own video, he added: "The studio lights are broken, the air con is broken, the power is out in the studio of Celebrity Juice.

"We've got all the chat done at the beginning that we normally do, which is cut sporadically into the programme... We haven't played any games."

He captioned the clip: "Later this evening at the recording of @celebjuiceofficial we had to cancel the show. Madness!

"Felt like being at school when the radiators break and they send you home. Don't know what's gonna happen??? (sic)"