Charlie Lawson didn't want Jim and Liz McDonald to just kiss and make up on 'Coronation Street' - because it would've been "pretty boring".

Charlie Lawson

Charlie Lawson

The 58-year-old actor has returned to the ITV soap to reprise his role as the no-nonsense Irishman, and while he would love to see his alter-ego reconcile with his estranged wife (Beverley Callard) and son Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), Charlie didn't think an instant reconnection would've been entertaining enough for the soap's viewers.

He said: "It never went away for him and neither has it for Liz but it would be a pretty boring story if they just kissed and made up.

"But I hope in the future it could be Jim, Liz and Steve together, that would be in an ideal world."

Viewers were left shocked during last night's (12.09.18) episode when Jim and his so-called daughter Katie, who is now going by the name Hannah Gilmore (Hannah Ellis Ryan), were revealed to be lovers rather than father and daughter when they shared a smooch in their car.

The pair look set to hatch a plan to empty Liz's bank account and also take son Steve for everything he's got in an act of revenge for leaving Jim in prison.

Despite this, Charlie insists Jim very much has romantic feelings for Liz, and he hopes that "continues" for a long time.

He added: "Anyone in the real world knows that when you love someone and it's genuine you tend not to fall out of love no matter what happens so yes he does and long may that continue."

The 'Rebus' star is "proud" to have returned to the soap, and is pleased he is sharing a dressing room with his on-screen son Simon.

He said: "It's my 40th year in the business this year so it's a bit like riding a bike.

"It's a job I'm proud of and a job I enjoy and I get to share a dressing room with Simon Gregson so that's good."

Charlie recently admitted he has returned to the 'Corrie' cobbles - on which he first appeared in 1989 - for money.

He said: "Actors will tell you a lot of things about how it's terribly hard, but it's not really - especially when you've been doing it for the length of time I have. So it's very easy, and it becomes a very nice job, but it becomes just a job.

"I work now for the buck and that enables me to enjoy life."