Charlie de Melo's puppies are in training to become guide dogs.

Charlie de Melo

Charlie de Melo

The 'Coronation Street' actor revealed last month he had seven new four-legged friends in his life after his dog Toto gave birth, and he has now waved an emotional goodbye to the canines after they headed off to become guide dogs.

He wrote on Instagram: "Goodbye, babies. I'll miss you all very dearly. Time for you to go out into the world and do some real good, just like @guidedogyogi and your other half brothers and sisters xxx

"Full disclosure, I didn't start uploading any of the photos or videos of the pups until after they had already left us. The number of thefts during lockdown was such that it was ill advised for me to even run a small risk of them being taken from us.

They've been in their new homes for several weeks and they're all doing well. We're getting regular "pup-dates" from their Puppy Walkers, for which I'm very grateful. Thanks to you all for taking on such a worthy and oft overlooked responsibility in these dogs' development.

"And thank YOU all, reading this now. Thank you for showing so much interest and engaging so much with these pups as they grew from little hairy slugs to the goodest boys and girls.

"If you are able and interested, there are many ways to support @guidedogsuk . If these kinds of journeys and stories meant something to you and you'd like to help tell them, that's a good way to do it.

Until the next time. Here's looking at you, Sarah. (sic)"

Charlie - who plays Imran Habeeb in the ITV soap - revealed last month Toto had given birth to "gorgeous and healthy" pups Hazel, Keith, Bertha, Susan, Monty, Stella, and Daisy.

He wrote at the time: "Well done my Toto Everyone, say hello to... Hazel, Keith, Bertha, Susan, Monty, Stella, and Daisy

"They're gorgeous and healthy. Mum and babies are all doing well. Today's been exhausting. I'm off to bed. Have fun on night watch Nana Lynne."