Charlotte Crosby is having a "great time" being single.

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby

The 27-year-old reality star split from her 'Just the Tattoo Of Us' co-host Stephen Bear after almost a year of dating back in October and she's enjoying having more opportunities to hang out with her female pals.

She said: "I'm having a great time being single. I've finally got time on my hands and I can have a laugh with my girls, but I'm looking forward to dating again this year. There are times when I've been sad but I never allow myself to be down for too long. I've got a good group of girls including Sophie Kasaei and Holly Hagan who always lift my spirits."

And the 'Geordie Shore' star insists being in the public eye had nothing to do with the demise of her and Stephen's relationship.

She told Closer magazine: "My relationship asn't working with Bear, it made no difference that we were in the spotlight...

"My life has played out in the public eye since the beginning of 'Geordie Shore', but I've matured and become more confident in handling things."

Stephen recently admitted he is responsible for the demise of their 11-month relationship and told Charlotte he wanted to marry her.

He wrote: "Dear Charlotte , I really messed up , if I can rewind the clock back maybe I wouldn't of done the things I did and say. Life's about making mistakes . I've just been really sad recently and I need to get it off my chest . I no being with me isn't easy and I will probably send you insane in the end and I really do care and still love you . It might be too late but all I can do is try. The New Years coming up and I would love to spend the rest of my life with you.(sic)"

But he later told his followers she had shunned his attempts to get back together.

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