Chelsee Healey is "scared" of leaving her baby daughter to return to work.

Chelsee Healey

Chelsee Healey

The 29-year-old actress has been on maternity leave since giving birth to her daughter Coco last summer, but will return to 'Hollyoaks' full-time next week and has admitted she feels slightly anxious about leaving the little one to shoot her scenes.

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine, she said: "It's a huge change being a mum. Getting both me and the baby ready to leave home on time is like a military operation! But I wouldn't change it for the world.

"Coco's just a dream and like my best friend. Although there are now lots of dirty nappies for me to deal with. The thought of leaving Coco was scary. But being at home with a baby is a job in itself, so weirdly going to work is like a bit of a break."

And, although she's had her hands full with her six-month-old daughter, the brunette beauty has been trying to catch up on the Channel 4 soap when she has spare time.

She explained: "I've been watching the show a little bit. I've been so busy with Coco, it's been madness. But whenever I'm sat at home with Coco, I have been putting it on."

Meanwhile, although she can't wait to get stuck back into filming again, Chelsee may not be around for too much longer as she's keen to have another baby with her boyfriend Jack Molloy as Coco has been such a good child.

She explained: "She's [Coco] been amazing, really good, sleeps right through. She's slept really good since she was born. I'm really lucky.

"She's really coming into her own now, which is amazing. I don't want her to grow up. I want her to stay as a baby but she's honestly unbelievable. I never imagined the feeling she'd give me. She's made me very content. I wouldn't say any time soon but definitely I want more. I never wanted any but now I've got Coco, I want another!"