Cheryl Baker kicked Dan Whiston out of her house when she was axed from 'Dancing on Ice'.

Dan Whiston and Cheryl Baker

Dan Whiston and Cheryl Baker

The Fizz singer moved the professional skater into the home she shares with her husband Steve Stroud - with whom she has 23-year-old twin daughters Kyla and Natalie - while she was competing on the skating show because she wanted to make the most of their rehearsal time.

But, once she was eliminated from the competition two weeks ago, she no longer needed the hunk to live with her and said he can go back to his own house in Blackpool until they start the tour.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Cheryl joked: "No no he's not living with me anymore. We were texting yesterday saying how much we miss each other.

"On Sunday when I was voted off he said: 'Oh never mind, I'll see you tomorrow.' And I went: 'Why? You don't have to come back with me now.' He lives in Blackpool and my real name is Rita and he goes: 'Oh Reet!' When we're training for the tour, he'll be here. It was great living with him. He got on with the whole family. He cooked us a meal one night. We'd always go to the local supermarket and have a cheese board. My kids loved him, he really was a family member. It is weird. When you've been with someone every day for months, for them to suddenly not be there anymore, it's weird."

While she was doing the show, the judges were pushing her to skate on her own but she's glad Dan never forced her to do anything without him and he really "looked after" her.

The 63-year-old singer said: "He really looked after me. He knew I was incredibly nervous about being left on my own and he would never let it happen ... Ice hurts when you fall on it."

The Fizz's new album 'The F-Z of Pop' is out now.