'Loose Women' was left with an empty seat when Chizzy Akudolu pulled out, until Kay McAdams rushed in to save the day.

Chizzy Akudolu

Chizzy Akudolu

At the beginning of the show on Thursday afternoon (11.10.18), viewers were joined by hosts Nadia Sawalha, Carol McGiffin and Jane Moore, and it was revealed regular panellist Chizzy had called in sick at the last minute with a stomach bug, leaving a noticeable vacancy.

Instead, Kay was called in to fill the seat, and she appeared in a hilarious video in which she apologised for having "yesterday's make-up on" but was on her way to the ITV talk show on her bike.

Addressing the unfilled spot, Nadia told viewers: "Poor old Chizzy is down with a bug. We called Kaye [Adams] and she's on her way here on a bike."

In the video shown to viewers, Kay joked that she looked "like a complete wreck" as she made the unexpected journey to the studio.

She said: "I've got yesterday's make-up on, I've been up since half past five, I look like a complete wreck. I apologise in advance but I will see you very, very soon!"

Fans cheered and applauded the panellist as she walked in wearing denim jeans and a grey fleece, whilst holding her much-needed cup of coffee.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "Kaye adams looks great whats your secret when i am late and rushing I look like I come out of a wind tunnel (sic)"

Sharing a clip of Kay's arrival on social media, 'Loose Women' sent the team's best wishes to Chizzy as she recovers.

They tweeted: "She made it...... @kayeadams has stepped in at the last minute, flat shoes and all... Feel better soon @chizzyakudolu"