Chloe Crowhurst has claimed Jon Clark cheated on her with "15 other girls."

Chloe Crowhurst and Jon Clark

Chloe Crowhurst and Jon Clark

The 'Love Island' star has lashed out at her on/off boyfriend - whom she's had a turbulent relationship with over the past year - on social media last night (08.02.18) by claiming he'd been sleeping with other women while declaring his love for her.

She tweeted: "I love you, he says whilst sh***ing another bird (sic)"

The blonde beauty then added: "Yes, this is about @jbclark_."

While some fans bombarded her with messages of support, others jumped to Jon's defence by slamming the fact she went on 'Love Island' while dating him last year.

To which she replied: "I went to Love Island as he told me he was cheating on me with 15 other there's a lot more to the story which no one knows...yet. (sic)"

She then added: "Don't get me wrong, we've all made mistakes. Im not perfect. (sic)"

Her outburst came just hours implied that he was really happy with a smiley emoji.

The pair's relationship has been plagued with break ups and make ups over the past few months but it seemingly ended for good last November when it was claimed the hunk had been telling everyone that he wanted to get back together with Lauren Pope.

A source said: "When the cast were filming the 'TOWIE' Christmas special last week, Jon was telling anyone who'd listen that he wants to date Lauren again. He's realising that he had a good thing with her, and it was a mistake to split up with her. He's begged her to reconsider things - but she's not interested.

"Everyone was saying he needs to make more of an effort to win her over, as she's not going to give him another chance just like that. She can't trust him and she's over him, basically. He embarrassed her by splitting up with her on national TV.

"Lauren was gutted when he did that, and then he moved on with his ex [Chloe Crowhurst] really quickly. She doesn't see how there's any way back for them."

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