Chloe Ferry believes all men love fake boobs.

Chloe Ferry

Chloe Ferry

The 'Geordie Shore' star has undergone a number of cosmetic surgery treatments, including a nose job and breast uplift, as well as botox and fillers, and she can't understand why some guys say they prefer a "natural" look.

She said: "Guys who say they love natural and don't like fake boobs are f***ing liars."

And Chloe's boyfriend, Sam Gowland, adores his girlfriend's enhanced appearance.

Asked how he feels about her having surgery, he said: "I'm not bothered me. It's her body. I like the fake look."

Chloe can't understand why people tell her they preferred her appearance before she had any work done.

She said: "People tell me I need to stop but why do they even care?

"No one can say I looked better before. Why do people lie?"

And the 22-year-old star is also planning to go under the knife again.

She said: "There's always something you can improve. I'd like a bigger forehead.

"I can't tell you what I'm getting done [in Los Angeles later this year] but it's very big."

However, Chloe won't be having any work done on her butt.

She said: "I can promise you now I've never had bum implants.

"I was ice skating before 'Geordie Shore' so I've always had a bug bum."

While she worries about her appearance, Chloe doesn't stick to a regular work out regime.

She told new! magazine: "Sometimes I'll be really into it but then I'll have a cheat meal and think, 'F**k, I'll just get fat again.'

"I go through phases of wanting to lose weight.

"Sam is a bad influence, he eats what he wants and he's dead skinny.

"If I look at cheese, I put weight on."