Chloe Ferry reportedly tried to get newbie Grant Molloy "banned" from 'Geordie Shore'.

Chloe Ferry

Chloe Ferry

The 22-year-old reality TV star allegedly got into a war of words with producers and demanded that the tattooed hunk be removed from the line-up because she "hates" him.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Chloe was fuming when she found out Grant was being lined up for 'Geordie Shore'.

"She told producers he shouldn't be on the show because she absolutely hates him. Chloe's mates told her he was bad news, a real stirrer and would just be trying to cause problems for people. She's really protective of her co-stars and Chloe didn't want anyone coming in to rock the boat, especially when 'Geordie' can be really intense."

However, unfortunately for Chloe, Grant passed the bosses' tests and they really liked him so he joined the cast in Queensland, Australia, for the start of season 17.

Meanwhile, Chloe has become known over the years for her love for surgery and she recently admitted that she was planning to have more cosmetic work done in the future.

She explained: "Guys who say they love natural and don't like fake boobs are f***ing liars ... People tell me I need to stop but why do they even care? No one can say I looked better before. Why do people lie? There's always something you can improve. I'd like a bigger forehead. I can't tell you what I'm getting done [this year] but it's very big."

However, Chloe - who has already had a nose job and breast uplift, as well as botox and fillers - won't be having any work done on her butt.

She said: "I can promise you now I've never had bum implants. I was ice skating before 'Geordie Shore' so I've always had a big bum."