Chris Evans says the new 'Top Gear' presenting line-up has been chosen.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

The BBC Radio 2 presenter has taken over from Jeremy Clarkson as the main presenter and he has now picked his team for the motoring show's revamp.

Auditions were held at 'Top Gear' HQ and the applicants have now been whittled down and an announcement is pending ahead of the start of shooting next Wednesday (21.10.15).

Chris appeared on Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Thursday morning (15.10.15) and when asked by a listener why he didn't get a reply to his application tape for the show, Chris said: "It's not rocket science is it my friend. Obviously it wasn't good enough!

"But we did look at every single of them and we called back a few people and we invited those people down to the 'Top Gear' track at Dunsfold Aerodrome and we gave them full on proper scripted multi-camera auditions and there will be announcements pending."

Nick then asked if the new team will contain some names who hadn't been on TV before.

To which Chris replied: "Some people may have done a bit of telly, but they are from these auditions ... It's on the telly in May but we start filming next Wednesday."