Chris Gascoyne is "not afraid" to let his emotions out while portraying Coronation Street's Peter Barlow.

Chris Gascoyne

Chris Gascoyne

The 50-year-old actor thinks it is "a positive thing" to show emotion on the ITV soap because it is "really important" to portray a vulnerable side to Peter, as well as his hard-man attributes.

He said: "Sometimes actors don't want to be seen as weak.

"But I think those things ... I'm 50 ... I'm not afraid to let my emotions out whatever they are, because that's a positive thing.

"To be able to show a character's more vulnerable side is really important rather than having to hold it all in, and play a one-dimensional macho character."

Chris - who has played recovering alcoholic Peter on the soap since 2000 - believes he has become "braver" in his acting ability as he has grown older.

He added to Acumen magazine: "We all have many facets to our personalities, and I think as I've gotten older I've become braver in what I will do and show."

Chris may need to play out many emotions next spring after it was recently reported Peter and his son Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) will be caught up in a terrifying boat blaze, which will leave their lives "hanging in the balance".

A TV source said: "There's a massive fire on a boat on the canal and Simon is inside.

"Peter and Simon's lives hang in the balance. It's going to be a huge stunt. They're planning massive pyrotechnics and special FX."

The inferno will roar on the Weatherfield Canal, but Peter will manage to rescue his son by chucking him onto the towpath.

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