Chris Hughes has forgiven Olivia Attwood for sending flirty messages to her ex-boyfriend.

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood

The 'Love Island' stars - who got together last summer after they met and fell in love in the famous villa - hit a rocky patch after he found tweets she had sent to footballer Bradley Dack but she insists they are happier than ever.

She told The Sun: "Me and Chris are fine."

Speaking about the tweets, a source said: "Chris is obviously gutted and a bit embarrassed by the tweets as he adores Olivia."

The pair have been plagued with make ups and break ups over the past five months, sparking rumours they're just together for publicity purposes, but they are adamant their relationship is the real deal and they can't help but argue sometimes.

When asked previously if their romance was fake, Olivia said: "We wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't real. We're not filtered. We don't hide anything. We're the same in the real world as we are in the villa."

Chris added: "It's not like heartbreak exactly, but you wouldn't go to that level of emotion and get so worked up about something that wasn't real."

Olivia explained: "And if it was a showmance we'd make it more glossy and perfect. I think we wouldn't be just killing each other all the time."

Fans will get an insight into their relationship when their new show 'Crackin' On' hits television screens but the couple are also keen to do 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' next year - although they're convinced they'll spend the whole time fighting.

Asked if they would appear on any other reality shows, Olivia said: "I think we both said the jungle would be amazing, didn't we?

"Can you imagine? We'd be fighting in there as well. Imagine if we had a challenge together where we had to work together?"

Chris replied: "It wouldn't happen!"