Chris Noth is to guest star in 'Doctor Who'.

Chris Noth

Chris Noth

The 'Sex In The City' actor is set to appear in the iconic BBC One show, which returned to screens on Sunday night (07.10.18) with Jodie Whittaker making her debut in the titular role.

A trailer, previewed at the end of this week's episode, showed a series of stars set to make an appearance with the Time Lord including Ben Bailey Smith, 'Downton Abbey's Phyllis Logan and former 'Coronation Street' stars Julie Hesmondhalgh and Shobna Gulati. Shaun Dooley, Art Malik, Lee Mack and Suzanne Packer will also guest star.

Jodie is the first ever woman to play the time-traveller and, although she's proud to make history, she's predicted there will be many more female Doctors to come.

She explained: "I've got embrace this time and be really excited by it but it'll be ace when it's not a moment because there will be so many female Doctors to come but I will be that 80 year old going: 'Hiya love, have I told you about this.'"

And Jodie admits it's "depressing" that 'Doctor Who' has only become a woman in 2018.

She explained: "It's a moment that's incredibly important, but also slightly depressing that it's 2018. I want to enjoy it. I mean what a thing, for the rest of my life, for that to be me. But this has got to be the end of it being a big surprise."

Meanwhile, new series director Jennifer Perrott recently teased the Doctor will enter a "zany" CGI world in an upcoming episode.

She revealed: "I did have a zany action sequence in studio where we just had the actors, green screen and fans blowing their hair - the entire world around them will be created with visual effects. I can't wait to see what those geniuses at [effects house] DNEG create for that."

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