Christopher Biggins is planning to visit Auschwitz.

Christopher Biggins

Christopher Biggins

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant - who was kicked off the show for his comments about bisexuals and making a joke about Nazi concentration camps - has revealed that he and his partner Neil Sinclair will visit the Polish camp where over one million Jewish people died.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I am going there. It will be my first time. I know it's going to be horrible. I know it's going to be ghastly. I know it's going to be emotional.

"Before I went into the house, my partner Neil and I were talking about it because we just feel the whole scenario of the Jewish annihilation is so horrific that we wanted to experience it for ourselves.

"We're going for five days in October. I'm really looking forward to it. Especially now after this incident."

Although his Nazi comments were not aired, on Saturday (06.08.16), viewers saw Christopher's shocking outburst in which he claimed bisexuals are to blame for AIDS.

The openly gay star made his outrageous comments during a chat with 'Mob Wives' star Renee Graziano, where he called AIDS a "bisexual disease".

He said: "Gays had been really badly treated for so long. Then came a period where they were respected.

"But suddenly, a killer disease then came along which was attributed to homosexuals - but it was actually a bisexual disease.

"What the government didn't realise is that there were bisexuals out there who were having sex with those people.

"They then brought it back to their families over here and in America. That's how it became a worldwide disease. Whoever investigated AIDS f***ked up big time."

Meanwhile, Christopher admitted he was surprised that he was kicked out when Stephen Bear was allowed to remain after his violent outburst and Aubrey O'Day spat in another contestant's sandwich.

He said: "I didn't throw glass or break glass. I didn't dribble into someone else's sandwiches. I didn't swear overtly."