Claudia Winkleman's son thinks she is a "loser".

Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Winkleman

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' presenter and her husband, filmmaker, Kris Thykier, 46, have three children - Arthur, six, Matilda, 11, and Jake, 15 - together but Claudia admitted that Jake is embarrassed by her job and wants her to quit 'Strictly'.

Speaking on 'The Dan Wootton Interview' podcast, Claudia, 46, explained: "My eldest son has got a buzzcut. He's 15 and he thinks his mum's a loser. It's heartbreaking. .

"The main thing he wants me to do is just not do 'Strictly'. 'Mum, if you really love me, you'd stop.'

"He's just embarrassed. But that's the whole point.

"My job is to embarrass him, so I just follow him around trying to lick his ear. He's the cutest thing ever."

While Claudia has no plans to quit 'Strictly', she has left her other BBC shows, 'The Film Show' and 'The Great British Sewing Bee' so that she can be at home for her children.

She said: "I want to be home between 4pm and 8pm. These shows, you just have to do them properly, they are 12-hour days.

"It's big commitment, it's a whole series, and I just thought I won't be able to do it properly because I'll go, 'Can I just go and pick up my son?'"

However, Claudia insisted if her co-star Tess Daly ever quit the show, she would walk away too.

She said: "We do everything together. We text I go, 'Tess are you in?' She goes, 'I'm in'. Fine.

"She's the kindest girl I know and it is a joy to go into work.

"[If Tess left], I'd go. Yeah, yeah. It feels like the polite thing to do and let two new people start."

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