Coleen Nolan won't be appearing on 'Loose Women' this week, following her on-air spat with Kim Woodburn.

Coleen Nolan

Coleen Nolan

The 53-year-old presenter was due to appear on the ITV talk show on Thursday (06.09.19), but it has now been revealed that she has cleared her schedule in order to "spend time with her family", after being left "very upset" by comments made by her former 'Celebrity Big Brother' co-star last week.

On Twitter, the official Coleen Nolan account wrote: "Just to let everyone know - Coleen won't be on @loosewomen on Thursday she's decided to go home & spend time with her family instead-she didnt expect to cry on @thismorning And she's still very upset about everything thats happened &thanks you for your kind messages & support x (sic)"

Coleen and Kim had been at loggerheads ever since they starred on the Channel 5 reality show last year, and fans had tuned into the show last week hoping to see the pair reconcile, but were left shocked when 76-year-old Kim brand Coleen "lying trash" and a "piece of filth" before storming off the set after a heated row.

The former member of the Nolan Sisters received harsh backlash after the incident from critics who had sided with Kim, and some of them even told her they hope she "dies like [her] sister" Bernie Nolan, who passed away from breast cancer aged 52 in 2013.

And Coleen said she almost quit the talk show all together, but has settled for a break instead.

Bursting into tears on 'This Morning' while referring to her spat with Kim, she said: "I don't know what I did wrong? I didn't say anything. I said about two things. She needs help. I feel terribly sorry for her.

"I've never called her names. She's called me every name under the sun. But to be called a bully ... and then to have messages going, 'Why can't you die like your sister?' 'Can't you get cancer like your sister?'

"In 50 years of doing a job I really love ... there's a campaign to get me fired. They sent me revolting things to the point where I phoned my management and said to my kids, 'I can't.'

"I cancelled everything last week after it. I just said, 'I can't do it, I don't want to do it anymore.' "

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