Coleen Nolan has revealed Jimmy Savile once invited her back to his hotel room.

Coleen Nolan

Coleen Nolan

The 54-year-old singer - who was part of the girl group The Nolans alongside her sisters - has admitted she almost fell victim to the predatory DJ when she was 14, after she met him on 'Top of the Pops'.

Appearing on talkRADIO on Wednesday (26.02.20), Coleen explained: "I remember Jimmy Savile invited me to his hotel when I was 14 when my sisters were doing 'Top of the Pops'.

"He didn't do it in front of them but I went back after the show and said, 'Oh Jimmy Savile has invited me back to his hotel suite' and not thinking anything of it and not thinking I would go because to me even then he was just an old, ugly man but my sisters were like, 'Did he now?'"

Savile - who died in 2011 - hosted the music chart show from 1964 until 1984, but was exposed as a paedophile a year after his death and is thought to have sexually abused hundreds of women during his life.

The 'Loose Women' star was lucky enough to be protected by her sisters - Maureen, Linda and Bernie - but it hasn't stopped her from thinking about what could of happened that night.

She added: "Luckily my sisters and I had been in the business so I was kind of surrounded by older, lecherous guys I guess at that point.

"Also my sisters protected me, but I have thought since then if I had just been a young fan and thought, 'Wow', he was massive in his day, you would be so thrilled to tell your friends. Awful."

However, Coleen already knew how to take care of herself in a tricky situation.

Questioned whether she had ever experienced anything inappropriate, she said: "There were definitely things that looking back you think, yeah that did happen - whether it was inappropriate touching of you or whatever.

"I guess in those days ... I guess I can't say I look back and think that really affected me because it didn't.

"I grew up where if someone did that to me I would turn around to them and go, 'If you do that to me again, I am going to smash your face in'. You know what I mean? It was just don't do that again. But yeah it did go on, I'm sure."