Coleen Nolan hasn't had sex in three years.

Coleen Nolan

Coleen Nolan

The 54-year-old 'Loose Women' star claims that her "libido has died" and although she would love to embark on a new relationship after splitting from husband Ray Fensome in 2018, she doesn't want sex.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "In my mind and my heart now, I just don't see the point of marrying again. I don't even know if I want to fully live with someone ever again.

"If I was to miss anything, it would be the intimacy. I'm super romantic, so I miss the romance. Kissing, hugging, sitting down watching a film together - but the actual act, no.

"The Loose Women told me it was the menopause, that it can make you lose your libido. Well, mine's just died, it's left home."

And although younger men often contact her online and send naughty pictures, Coleen insisted she doesn't want a toyboy.

She said: "I know Denise Welch and Carol McGiffin have got younger husbands and that's great. But I've never really been into younger men and it would make me feel old."

Speaking about the racy pictures she receives, she added: "It's so bizarre. I don't want to see that thank you. Do they think I'm loaded or do they think I'm really sad and lonely and I'll be flattered to have a 25-year-old on my arm?"

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