Coleen Nolan and Shane Richie will come face-to-face on TV next week for the first time since their divorce.

Coleen Nolan

Coleen Nolan

The pair - who have sons Shane Jr, 29, and Jake, 25, together - divorced in 1999 after Shane cheated on Coleen but they will be reunited on 'Loose Women' when Shane appears on Coleen's ITV show to promote his new country music album.

He told the Daily Mirror: "I'm looking forward to going on.

"The girls are great, and I'll be seeing the ex-wife... remember me? I love watching 'Loose Women'. I like to see what I've been up to."

Although they now have an amicable relationship, Coleen, 52, previously admitted 53-year-old Shane's infidelity was humiliating.

She said: "It's humiliating, for a long time even when I did find out I wanted to try and fight for it.

"People thought I deserved everything I got."

"It's when people know and your close friends know. You dread it coming out and it's the moment that everyone knows. I'd go out supermarket shopping and everyone was so lovely.

"But I'd be like, 'Don't hug me else I'll cry'... It's been 20 years since me and Shane split up.

"I feel sorry for him because every time people say she was married to Shane Richie, 'who cheated on her'...

"It's like OK move on, we've moved on."