Connor McIntyre thinks his evil 'Coronation Street' character resembles Donald Trump.

Connor McIntyre

Connor McIntyre

The 57-year-old star has compared the calculated killer with the US President, admitting his alter-ego is the kind of guy who wouldn't care if it was tipping it down with rain outside as long as he was indoors.

He said: "I heard a description of Donald Trump, one of his ex aides said, 'Donald is the guy who doesn't care if it is raining outside because he is inside.'

"And that's a pretty good description of our Pat, isn't it?"

The former 'Murder City' star has heaped praise on the 'Corrie' writers for doing "such a great job" of portraying Phelan as evil, while still enabling him to be liked by many viewers.

He said: "The writers and the storyliners have done such a great job of walking this very fine line, he's a dangerous narcissist and psychopath.

"If you can make a character like that and still have sympathy from large proportions of the viewing public who believe that inside there, there is a good man fighting to get out because there are moments of real decency.

"He's got a moral compass at some points and his love for Eileen is true but that only exists in its own special place because we can see what he is when somebody gets in his way or when he perceives somebody trying to derail his plans."

As well as his character, Connor has also been receiving praise for playing out his hard-hitting storyline, which has seen Phelan become a serial killer.

He added: "It's very interesting because I get a lot of positives. On the contrary, they say they hate Phelan but they just don't want him to go yet.

"They are really enjoying it and that is a credit to the writers, the storyliners and everybody else."

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