Conor Maynard says his brother Jack could return to 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' in the future.

Jack Maynard

Jack Maynard

The 23-year-old YouTuber was booted off the ITV reality series last year after offensive tweets he wrote when he was 16 resurfaced but his older sibling is convinced he might go back in this year.

The 'Turn Around' hitmaker told BANG Showbiz when asked if Jack will give the jungle gig another shot in the future: "He's probably against it right now, but that might change, we will see."

It comes after Jack himself said he'd jump at the chance to slip back into his jungle gear.

Asked if he'd give it another go, Jack said last year: "I've definitely thought about if I'd ever go back in.

"When I was in the jungle, every morning I'd wake up and think: 'How? Why am I here? How am I here?

"Why would anyone ever think about doing this twice?'

"But now that I'm out it's definitely something that I'd love to go and do again and kind of prove myself.

" I didn't get the worst of it while I was in there, I didn't get any tough trials."

Jack had deleted the shameful tweets - in which he used the N-word and f***** during an online spat - before he went into the jungle so was shocked when he found out that someone had managed to get hold of them and publish them.

However, Conor believes his brother was targeted and said it was "unfortunate".

He said: "It was a hard time and stuff came up from his past and it was unfortunate, but he was sorry.

"It went the way it seemed like it was going to go. I think that he was targeted."

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