'Coronation Street' has assured fans the two dogs who played Eccles are "alive and kicking" after the character passed away last night (08.04.20).

Alexandra Mardell

Alexandra Mardell

Ken Barlow's beloved pooch had to be put down after she was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour on her spleen, and it was left to Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) to give the green light on the heart-breaking decision with Ken (Bill Roache) uncontactable.

While fans were devastated at the dog's death, a tweet on the 'Corrie' Twitter account read: "PSA: the two dogs who play Eccles (yes, there's two!) are both perfectly alive and kicking!"

During the episode, the vet told Emma: "Unfortunately the tumour has spread to other organs - it's impossible to remove. The growth is inoperable and it will only get worse.

"We could wake her up and she may live a few more days but those days would be spent in a lot of pain.

"The humane thing to do would be to not bring her round from an anaesthetic."

Before Eccles was put down, Emma was in tears as she comforted the canine.

She told her: "Amy told me all about Granny Deirdre and Great Granny Blanche.

"You're such a lucky dog to have had so many wonderful people in your life."

Eccles came to Weatherfield when a friend of Deirdre Barlow's mum Blanche Hunt (Maggie Jones) passed away and left the pup to her.

'Corrie' shared a tribute video on the soap's Twitter account, which featured several scenes involving Eccles and Deirdre, who was played by the late, great Anne Kirkbride.

In the clip, Ken told Eccles: "I always think the best friendships have to be earned.

"All you ever wanted was my companionship, maybe the odd bit of bacon.

"This is not goodbye old girl, No, this is au revoir. Until we meet again."

The clip concluded with a picture of Deirdre holding Eccles and the writing: "Lady Freckles aka 'Eccles', 2005 - 2020."