Coronation Street's Carla Connor is set to return with a big "secret."

Alison King as Carla Connor

Alison King as Carla Connor

The tough-talking business woman - played by Alison King - is set to make an explosive return to the cobbles over the next few weeks but the 44-year-old actress has admitted fans will probably be shocked to see a more vulnerable side to her alter ego.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, she said: "She's different because of a secret she's keeping, so over the next few months we will see a more vulnerable Carla who needs her family and friends more than ever. She's at a stage where she's starting to think about life - and her secret is making her take stock.

"In the past two years, she has acquired a family that she didn't know she had. Prior to that she was a bit of a lone wolf; she had people like Michelle [McDonald, Kym Marsh] around her, but suddenly she had a family she really cared about."

Alison quit the long-running soap last year because she wanted to spend time with her eight-year-old daughter but she's had enough and feels ready to go back.

She said: "I've been away about a year-and-a-half. I had done what I wanted to do and spent time with my daughter Daisy and we had a great time; I was there for her and I hadn't really had time to do that before. That is the most rewarding thing - but it was time for me to have the adult banter again."

And, although she's been away for a while, she had no trouble getting back into character and she was overcome with joy when she saw her old cast mates again.

She added: "It was like pulling on an old sock or an old pair of stilettos. My first two scenes were on location. I got butterflies from the excitement of seeing everyone."

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