Jane Danson admits her 'Coronation Street' character Leanne Battersby's constant arguing "exhausts" her.

Jane Danson

Jane Danson

The 42-year-old actress and her co-star Ben Price, who plays Nick Tilsley, always joke they cannot imagine having the same life as the 'Corrie' couple because the characters are always "battling something".

She said: "I'm not like Leanne - she exhausts me.

"Me and Ben always say, 'God, this is exhausting. Can you imagine having this life?'

"Every day they are battling something."

While Jane admits she and her husband Robert Beck - who has previously starred in 'Corrie', 'Emmerdale' and 'Hollyoaks' - do bicker at times, the pair make a "good team", and she is grateful for his support after tough filming days.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she added: "What's really lovely is that because he's been part of the soap world he gets it.  

"So to have that support, especially with this story ... we just kind of make a good team, on lots of different levels. It's lovely.

"We do bicker, don't get me wrong, but we don't argue."

Jane has had plenty of emotional filming days of late due to her current plot, which will reach a climax next week when her on-screen son, three-year-old Oliver Battersby, loses his fight with mitochondrial disease in heart-breaking scenes.

And while Leanne will be left "absolutely devastated", Jane admitted the storyline has been "quite cathartic" for some viewers.

She said: "I’ve had so many messages from families going through something similar.

"A lady stopped me on the street and we had a chat about her son, she said how Leanne reacted was exactly how she reacted.

"The anger, the fear, the denial, the despair. She said it really brought it home but strangely really helped seeing someone else go through the same emotions.

"From the messages I’ve had it seems to be quite cathartic for some people, maybe because their story and their voices are being heard.

"More people than you realise are or have been through similar situations and if it provokes conversations and helps some people then it can’t be a bad thing."