Brooke Vincent can return to 'Coronation Street' "at any point in the future".

Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent

The 27-year-old actress - who has four-month-old son Mexx - is currently on maternity leave from the ITV soap, but the show have said there is "no pressure" on her to come back to the cobbles anytime soon.

A spokesperson told The Sun Online: "There was never a fixed return date for Brooke, and there is no pressure for her to return within any particular time frame.

"The door has been left open for her at any point in the future, whenever that might be."

Corrie's comment comes following speculation Brooke's contract is up in May.

Just a month after giving birth, Brooke admitted she broke down in tears and felt "ashamed" after trying on "23 outfits" following her pregnancy, but none of them fitted.

She was hoping her old jeans would "instantly fit" and she would be back to her "old self", but she was left disappointed that she couldn't get into numerous articles of her pre-pregnancy clothing.

Sharing a picture of herself in watermelon pyjamas, she wrote on Instagram: "Tonight I was supposed to look completely different, I was supposed to be dressed up, hair and make up done ready to eat some nice food and maybe have my first cocktail in 11 months with Kean, our first time away from Mexx for an hour or two, instead I look like this. I look like this because I naively thought that 4 weeks after my baby I would be in all my old clothes looking exactly like I did before I got pregnant. I thought my jeans would instantly fit and I would just be my "old self" only with my new beautiful baby. How wrong I was, I tried 23 outfits on at least, nothing looked right, nothing looked like me and I felt like I was looking at a completely different person, I suppose to a certain extent I now am, I am Mexx's mum. I sat and cried and felt ashamed that I haven't just been able to pick up where I left off like people seem to do here on Instagram! (sic)"

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