'Coronation Street' viewers have praised the soap for recognising Deaf Awareness Week on Wednesday night (16.05.18).

Tristan Gemmill

Tristan Gemmill

Fans took to social media to commend the ITV show for featuring a scene in which Tristan Gemmill's character Robert Preston handed over menus to two Bistro attendees using sign language.

The 'Corrie' chef said "excuse me" before giving out the menus and the two characters gave him the sign for thank you before carrying on with their chat.

Several fans took to Twitter to praise the show for featuring the scene.

One wrote: "Loved a bit of BSL in the Bistro on tonight's Corrie! (sic)"

Another posted: "#corrie sneaking in a deaf signing couple in the bistro for #DeafAwarenessWeek Bravo (sic)"

A viewer tweeted: "i love how Robert just served deaf people in the restaurant. well done @itvcorrie for showing diversity (sic)"

As a result of the scene, some fans called for a deaf character to be a regular role in the soap.

One wrote: "Loved seeing Corrie take part in #DeafAwarenessWeek with a couple of background actors signing. Next stop- a deaf character? (sic)"

Another tweeted: "Tonight's episode of Coronation Street @itvcorrie showed two Deaf extras in the background at the Bistro speaking sign language. Why don't we see this more often on TV? Nice one, Corrie! (sic)"

This year's Deaf Awareness Week (DAW) began on May 14 and runs until May 20 with the aim of raising awareness and challenging perceptions of hearing loss and deafness across the UK.