Coronation Street's Eva Price is pregnant - but she doesn't know who the father is.

Catherine Tyldesley as Eva Price

Catherine Tyldesley as Eva Price

The blonde barmaid - played by Catherine Tyldesley - is in for a shock next week when she learns that her dizzy spells have been a symptom of her pregnancy, but things aren't as simple as that as she discovers that she's 17 weeks along - meaning Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward) or Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) could be the dad.

Speaking to the Radio Times magazine, Catherine said: "She starts to panic a little bit, but in the back of her mind she really believes she's not pregnant, so it's a massive shock and a huge irony when she finds out that she is. Especially when you think a year ago she would have given anything to settle down and have babies, but after everything that transpired this is just the worst thing that could have happened.

"Initially, she's just in shock. Then after she's been to the doctors and discussed things she realises she can't see any other way out of this situation than to have a termination. All she's ever wanted is to meet Prince Charming, settle down and have a family, so the thought of getting rid of this baby is not an easy decision at all for Eva. She feels completely stuck with no way out."

Although it's a difficult story to portray, Catherine is thrilled that the soap's boss Kate Oates has trusted her with such an emotional plot.

She explained: "It's amazing, I just think the storylines that Kate Oates is bringing to the table are fantastic. But my heart bleeds for Eva all the time because she doesn't think about consequences and it's such a great tragedy the way it's all ended up after the wedding. Eva and Aidan were perfect for each other and if only she'd managed to not be so stubborn things could have been very different."

The pregnancy/abortion storyline will no doubt run up to the summer as that's when Catherine - who has played Eva since 2011 - will bow out of the show.

The 34-year-old actress said: "'Coronation Street' has been a dream job for me which is why this was such a difficult decision to leave.

"Eva has been such fun to play over the last seven years, and who knows, one day she might storm the cobbles of Weatherfield again. In the meantime I'm excited about the future, new acting projects, and spending time with my family."

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