'Coronation Street' staple Audrey Roberts could be finding love on the cobbles - and Sue Nicholls is delighted.

Sue Nicholls

Sue Nicholls

The 74-year-old soap star - who first played the hairdresser in 1979 - has revealed her character is set for a fling, and described the romance as "sweet".

She told the Mirror Online: "I have a flirt coming up. I have a bit of an accident - nothing huge, but afterwards this gentleman arrives and it's all a bit of a misunderstanding. It's kind of sweet more than heavy panting and all of that stuff."

Although Sue played down the idea of a steamy relationship, she has admitted that Audrey - who was previously married to the late Alf Roberts and most recently had a relationship with conman Lewis Archer - had her raunchy side when she was younger.

She added: "Back in the day she was a man-eater. I watch some of the classic Corrie episodes when I first arrived and she was rather flirty. Anyone bought you a G&T and you were away."

Despite the chance of a spark coming up on the soap, Sue revealed she thought only one man could be good enough for Audrey.

She explained: "The only other person I'd say would be good for Audrey is someone like Harvey Keitel's ['Pulp Fiction'] character Winston Wolfe.

"I've always thought he'd be the type of fella for her - tough, attractive and tells her what he wants."

However, the first glances at the new 'Corrie' set were unveiled this week, and the actress has her eye on the tattoo parlour in the hope a hunky artist moves in across the street.

She teased: "I'd like a nice hunky tattooist in there."

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