A leading cosmetic surgeon has claimed Love Island's Megan Barton Hanson has undergone a £40,000 makeover.

A diagram of treatments Julian believes Megan Barton Hanson has undergone

A diagram of treatments Julian believes Megan Barton Hanson has undergone

Dr Julian De Silva believes the 24-year-old model has undergone nine procedures since she was a teenager to overhaul her appearance, and he isn't sure whether she would've made it onto the ITV2 show without some of the work.

He said: "The total cost of the transformation would be £40,000 - a fraction of what she will make through appearing on 'Love Island' with all the work as a model she will get after the show is over.

"What is more important is her long-term well-being. She is a good advert for the benefits of cosmetic surgery and shows that if you find the right surgeon you can make fundamental changes to your appearance which make you look so much better.

"It is money very well spent - Megan looks incredible. 'Love Island' is essentially a beauty contest. She may never would have got on the show without the work.

"I personally do not like the sometimes fake appearance of the cosmetic work which stars of reality shows have which can look unnatural and doesn't chime with their other facial features.

"That is not the case with Megan who has clearly gone to some highly skilled professionals for her work."

Julian - from the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery on London's Harley Street - believes Megan looks "all the better" for going under the knife, and claims she will "reap the benefits for longer".

He added: "She looks more feminine, like a completely different woman and all the better for it. She has had the surgery at a relatively young age, being only 24, but that means she will reap the benefits for longer.

"Megan will no doubt get criticism on social media for resorting to cosmetic surgery but what objective person is not going to say that she looks fantastic and far better than she did before."