Craig Revel Horwood is addicted to tea and drinks up to 20 cups a day when he's working on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Craig Revel Horwood

Craig Revel Horwood

The 53-year-old judge has always been obsessed with the Britain's favourite drink and needs a strong, dark cup of "builder's tea" to get him going in the morning.

And when the 'Strictly' live shows start he can get through cup after cup of the hot beverage to keep him going, but he has to switch to decaf otherwise he gets too "wired" and starts acting like his fellow panellist Bruno Tonioli.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he spilled: "I like proper builder's tea, I like it dark, I like it strong. But I've had to cut down on the caffeine so I'm not wired all the time. I like a double espresso occasionally as well but I couldn't drink that all day either, people go mad on those as well.

"On 'Strictly' I got to the point where I had to drink chamomile tea because I was drinking so many cups, it was too much caffeine.

You get lots of little breaks, and you tend to have a cup of tea on every break, so on 'Strictly' I could get through about 20 cups of tea during rehearsals and during the show. It's not like getting 15 minutes every four hours like most people who have regular jobs get. In television you're working a bit and then you go back to your dressing room, then you work a bit more and film a bit more and then you go back to your dressing room and have another cup of tea. When you start adding them up over the whole day from 11am to the evening you end up drinking about 20 cups of tea. So decaf is a blessing, otherwise I'd end up like Bruno Tonioli on the panel."

Craig is now getting his decaf tea fix from new PG Tips Tasty Decaf brew, and he admits finding a tasty decaf has been great for him as he tries to reduce his caffeine intake.

He said: "This tea is just brilliant and it's just great to be made head taster for PG Tips. Of course I am very opinionated and I do tell the truth about things, I'd have told them I don't like the taste and I'm not doing it if I didn't like it. When I tasted it I couldn't believe it was a decaf, I was thrilled. If you're like me and you drink a lot of tea then you do need to switch to decaf."

Following Craig's seal of approval PG Tips Tasty Decaf is available in all major supermarkets now and you can head to YouTube ( to watch Craig carry out a taste test on the tea.