Classic drama 'All Creatures Great and Small' is returning to TV.

Lynda Bellingham

Lynda Bellingham

The hit BBC show - that starred Lynda Bellingham and attracted audiences of over 20 million in the '80s - has been discovered by 'Game of Thrones' makers HBO who are now planning for a big-budget remake.

A US TV source said: "There's a bit of a fad for British classics after the success of 'Poldark' and Doctor Who. There's plenty of scope to make the storylines more modern but keep the basic formula the same."

The story is taken from the books by Alf Wight and is based on a vet's adventures rescuing animals - in and around a fictional village in Yorkshire - in the 1930s to '50s.

It made the late actress Lynda, who played Helen Herriot and actor Christopher Timothy (James Herriot) household names.

The insider told the Sunday Mirror: "It's going to be sexier and glossier and the hope is to get a couple of big names involved to make it a big success."

"So far it's only in the planning stages but there are some great ideas being thrown around."

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