Dame Joanna Lumley wanted to be Prime Minister .

Dame Joanna Lumley wanted to be Prime Minister

Dame Joanna Lumley wanted to be Prime Minister

The 76-year-old actress - who is known for starring as Patsy Stone on classic sitcom 'Absolutely Fabulous' - was asked what her childhood dream was and noted a whole host of high-ranking professions before realising she could accomplish them all by becoming a performer.

She is quoted by The Daily Star newspaper as saying: "I wanted to be Prime Minister [when I was a child]. Or a brain surgeon, or a famous explorer. Or a pirate! But then I discovered that as an actress it would be rather easy to be all those things. [I could be] a queen, wicked aunt, Tiger Lily, or a singing cow or a ghost and a rag doll as well!"

Joanna began her career as a model in the 1960s before landing roles in 'Coronation Street' and 'The Avengers' in the 1970s and these days is known for hosting several travel documentaries but recently admitted that a return to her outrageous 'Ab Fab' role as boozy fashion editor Patsy Stone alongside creator Jennifer Saunders as hapless PR guru Edina Monsoon would be "impossible" because the "world has changed. "

She said: "It’s entirely up to Jennifer and she’s said she doesn’t want to do anymore. Things have their time. It would be impossible to make that series now, if you think of Edina’s ghastly take on the world, her appalling snobbery and racism, their drug-taking, heavy drinking and Patsy’s chain-smoking and the fact they have the morals of alley cats. It was funny because we used to laugh at those things. Now people are very strict and they go, ‘This is setting a bad example’ couldn’t get away with it now – the world has changed.”