The Apprentice sensationally returned tonight, with candidates mixed up into teams that included both men and women from the get-go for the first time in the show's history.

Team Versatile and Team Connexus went head to head in a task which saw them travel to Billingsgate Market in the early hours of the morning, haggling for fish and seafood with some of the industry's toughest negotiators.

Groups had to then turn their product into tempting lunch items, luring in hungry Londoners to buy their finished product and turn a profit, with the simply aim of making more profit than their opposing team.

Back in the boardroom, things got a little embarrassing when Team Versatile managed to gain a profit of £200.29, whilst Team Connexus managed a measly £1.87.

Lord Sugar said to the group: ""1.87 is a disgusting result," before Project Manager April decided to bring Brett and Dan into the boardroom for the series' first firing.

Revealing his final decision, Lord Sugar explained: "Part and parcel of the criteria of the winner is they've got to be a bit of a jack of all trades, they've got to be able to dirty their hands, go out and sell, market things and Dan, you've failed on one of the things already in that you can't sell and you say you can't sell.

"Brett, I can understand why you took on the task of cooking the stuff. What I'm struggling to understand is having had experience in watching - albeit many, many years ago - how a fish restaurant operated, that you didn't do a better job in the kitchen.

"But April, you're the Project Manager here, you've got this food blog, this was right up your alley. You let Brett run riot in the kitchen, you relied upon Dan with the numbers and this is not the qualities of the Project Manager and it is for that reason... that I am struggling very badly at the moment.

"But Dan, you say the purchasing is all down to me and you were the only one that didn't sell anything... Dan, You're Fired."

The Apprentice continues tomorrow, Thursday October 15 at 9pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.

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