Some celebrities have already quit the 'Strictly Come Dancing' WhatsApp group.

Dan Walker launched the Strictly WhatsApp group

Dan Walker launched the Strictly WhatsApp group

Dan Walker launched the Whatsapp group for all 15 celebrities in August, but he's revealed that some of the stars who have left the show have already quit the account.

The BBC presenter - who didn't name any names - shared: "We started off with all 15. Most who have left (the show) have stayed in the group."

Asked for more details, he told the Daily Star newspaper: "I can tell you nothing!"

Dan also revealed that some of the celebrities have been posting some eye-catching photos in the group.

However, he insisted they'll never be revealed to the public.

He joked: "There are pictures on there that will never see the light of day."

Dan also explained that, for the most part, the celebrities turn to the group when they want to discuss their 'Strictly' experience.

He said: "We talk about anything from jam to jive.

"As the weeks have gone on, people talk about their injuries, painful knees, what their dance partner has tried to make them do, how exhausted they are.

"It’s a fun group and a good release for people at the end of the day."

Meanwhile, Dan recently hit back at his 'Strictly Come Dancing' critics.

The 'BBC Breakfast' host revealed how he'd been inspired by an elderly widow, after some trolls questioned why he's still on the show after a series of low scores.

Dan - who is partnered with pro dancer Nadiya Bychkova - said: "I had a chat with a lovely fella called Cecil in the park when I walked the dog on Sunday. He said that his wife died 30-odd years ago. And they used to dance together and he said that he stopped dancing when his wife died.

"Then he said, ‘I’ve watched 'Strictly' this year for the first time in a long time. Watching you and Nadiya, like the enjoyment you get from dancing even though you’re not a dancer, you’ve never danced this before. I’ve loved watching that so much.'"