Dani Dyer has admitted that Jack Fincham is getting on her nerves.

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham

The 'Love Island' winners moved in together just weeks after they won the £50,000 prize on the ITV reality TV show but Dani has admitted that Jack's bedroom habits are getting on her nerves.

Hinting that she was thinking of her former home, where she lived with her parents Danny Dyer and Joanne Mas, she tweeted: "2 mins away from my home with him laying right there.... snoring and taking up all the bed (sic)."

Dani, 22, has previously admitted that she and Jack, 26, often argue but said that their love for each other was stronger than their differences.

She said: "Jack and I are only human and we're not going to always agree on everything, but we love each other very much and always respect and support each other through everything.

"We really knew that's what we wanted to do, and I honestly think it's the best decision we made."

Meanwhile, Jack previously confessed he only lasts "10 minutes or so" in the bedroom.

The former 'Love Island' star revealed how far he tends to go when he and girlfriend Dani Dyer get jiggy with it, after she had estimated he lasts around 15 minutes when they're having fun.

During a game of Master and Miss on 'Celebrity Juice', host Keith Lemon asked Dani's father Danny to pose a series of embarrassing questions to the pair.

The 'EastEnders' star asked his daughter how long it takes Jack to perform in the bedroom "to the nearest minute, on average?"

She replied: "Oh god, I don't know," and Jack said: "I can't even make a joke, I can't even make a joke. If I make a joke, he's there."

Danny then said: "You're only cuddling ain't ya?"

Dani nodded in agreement and then gave an answer of "15 minutes", but an honest Jack said it was more like "10 minutes or so".

Elsewhere on the show, Danny asked Jack what Dani calls her "lady bits".

The former stationery salesman said: "Mate, what?"

Upon hearing Jack's reluctance, 'Football Factory' star Danny said: "Good, good f***ing answer, well done. Congratulations ... I like to think they're called 'out of bounds' ... but I know they're not, so..."

Much to Danny's delight, Jack replied: "I ain't seen it, I don't know."

Jack previously admitted he bonded with Danny straight away, but is "scared" of his significant other's mum .

He said: "I'm more scared of Dani's mum."

Dani added: "She is a bit scary."

Jack and Dani got together on the latest series of 'Love Island' after pairing up with each other on the first day and they went on to win the show.

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