Dani Dyer has quit the 'Love Island' group chat.

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer

The 22-year-old star has withdrawn from a Whatsapp group featuring the contestants from this year's show after changing her phone number because she got "bored" with the text conversations.

Asked about the group on 'This Morning' during a joint interview with boyfriend Jack Fincham on Monday (03.09.18), she said: "Oh I'm not in that, I changed my number.

"I don't like Whatsapp groups, I don't understand them like you miss out on so much information - I get bored, I'm just not good in them."

The couple recently moved in to a luxury apartment in Canary Wharf, south London, and while Jack wants to make their household complete with a dog, his girlfriend isn't so keen.

He said: "We really wanna dog, but we got a flat so it's not fair, so you gotta have a bit of greenery for him to go out."

Jack then admitted that if he would be in favour of the idea if they had a house for the animal to run around - but Dani wasn't too sure she could cope with the commitment.

She said: "I'm open I just feel like we don't have time it's like bringing up a baby you know it's a lot of time invested you know not yet."

Despite the fact the couple have moved in together, they are in no rush to get married, though they think it is on the cards "eventually".

Dani said: "No not yet, I'd have to be engaged now if I was getting married!"

Jack replied: "Not any time soon, we do wanna eventually... no rush but it's obviously something we'd love to do but no rush."

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