Danniella Westbrook has asked Christopher Maloney to be godfather to her unborn child.

Christopher Maloney

Christopher Maloney

The former 'X Factor' star is "thrilled" that his best friend is expecting a baby with her boyfriend Alan Thomason, 34, as it's given her a positive outlook on life and he's over the moon that she has chosen him and his partner Gary Donan to have a major role in the little one's life.

Speaking to Mail Online, he said: "She's in a great place and looking to the future. Me and my partner are absolutely thrilled to be asked to be god parents."

The 43-year-old star - who has battled with drugs and alcohol addiction - recently said she's convinced she's pregnant with twins because she's only five weeks but her bump is already "huge".

And Christopher, 39, is hoping that the blonde actress is carrying two babies because she's such a fabulous mother to her two children Kai, 20, and Jody, 14, whom she has with her ex Kevin Jenkins.

He explained: "We love her to bits and fingers crossed it's twins. She'll be a great mum. She's done a brilliant job with her other children."

Danniella's pregnancy came as a huge shock to fans as it was announced a few months after she struck up a relationship with Alan, but she's adamant he's the one for her because he's a "real" man.

She said recently: "He's a real man's man and he's Spanish so he has those whole Spanish values and family-orientated and stuff like that. He just takes control and he does take care of me. He's good fun as well so we've got a happy mix between everything, which is great. I think I've found the man that can actually tame me and make me do what's right and I listen. I don't actually argue back all the time I just sort of go 'ok'."