Daniella Westbrook is "feeling so much gratitude" as she opens up on surviving her battle with addiction.

Danniella Westbrook

Danniella Westbrook

The former 'EastEnders' actress - who played Sam Mitchell on the BBC soap on and off from 1990 to 2016 - has been open about her struggles, and she took a moment to share an inspirational and heart-warming post this week.

She wrote on Instagram: "Today I woke feeling so much gratitude , I am grateful for the love and acceptance I have for myself , who I am , what I’ve done too myself , the pain I’ve caused others, the bad choices I’ve made and the Demons I’ve lived with battled and overcome.

"Today I’m alive I’m healthy I’m clean I’m loved and I am living , I am of service to others within a 12step program and I am rebuilding my life my career my relationships the trust of others and looking at the lessons and the blessings in each thing I face."

The 47-year-old star paid tribute to her loved ones, sponsor and therapist as she noted while everyone has problems they should learn how to love themselves.

She added: "I’m so grateful to my mum and step dad and my children my friends that I call family, my Sponser ,my therapist , and of course the amazing organization of @calondonarea ...

"Life is precious and we all have our issues but we need to love ourselves and believe that we are enough.

"#loveislove #loveyourself #grateful #onelifeliveit #wedorecover #onedayatatime #12stepstorecovery #12stepstofreedom (sic)"

Meanwhile Daniella recently advised her followers that even if it takes time to find "clarity", you shuldn't be "endlessly worrying".

She said: "You are not always going to have the answer to your problems. It may take time for you to gain clarity over a situation.

"Instead of endlessly worrying, allow divine intervention to ease your anxieties. Have faith that clarity will be found.

"Remember you have a track record of getting through some difficult times. Don’t let temporary disruption make you forget the multiple times you overcame adversity. (sic)"